20 de Agosto 2019


La reciente publicación de Chambers & Partners sobre los abogados y bufetes más destacados del derecho en América Latina se centra en las especialidades. Estas son las firmas y abogados líderes en derecho laboral en Colombia.

Mientras que en López & Asociados, los clientes indicaron que sus profesionales siempre están disponibles para atenderlos y que manejan “impecablemente” las dificultades o retos que se presentan durante un proceso laboral que asesoran.

Noticias Internacionales

28 de Agosto 2019

Throughout the month of July, two main modifications regarding labour law and workplace related issues have taken place:

  1. Criteria for authorizing the termination of employment contracts.

The Ministry of Labour’s institutional guidelines for the termination of the employment relationship of workers with disabilities, or manifest weaknesses for health reasons, have been established through Internal Bulletin 049 issued by said office. Therefore, labour inspectors should review compliance with certain requirements, which vary depending on the following circumstances:

27 de Julio 2019


In the course of the year 2019, Colombia has developed a series of modifications regarding labour law and workplace related issues. The main observations and changes that have taken place include: i) workplace harassment law measures enforcement for interns; ii) electronic means for labour contract signatures; iii) new reach for workplace harassment regulations as a result of ILO Convention; iv) Congress prohibits the use of asbestos in Colombia; and v) presumption of trial period for domestic workers