Labour planning

We counsel your company in areas such as union law; as well as guide you through the entire creation, development and finalization process of your company in labor terms, helping achieve your goals.

Labor Relations

Workers, Unions, and Social Organizations

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Strikes and Social Protests
  • Strategies and actions to take in Abritral Tribunals
  • Alternative models to Labor Relations

Ministry of Labor

  • Administrative and Sanctioning Actions– Collective and Labor Intermediation
  • Negotiations
  • Proceedings before international or multilateral control entities

Unit of knowledge

Environment Analysis

  • Trends of public policies in labor matters.
  • Effects of those policies in specific niches of your business activity.
  • Analysis of strategic variables such as: Level of relationship, communication channels and level of conflict.
  • Evaluation of: Levels of maturity, empowerment and commitment of the teams.

Training Activities

  • Internal training for clients and suppliers in critical labor aspects when achieving strategic objectives.
  • Permanent update on labor, immigration and social security issues

Business structure

Levels of internal and external normative compliance

    1. Internal Audits regarding the company´s compliance of legal, labor, payroll as well as compliance with the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit (UGPP).
    2. Legal counseling and support in proceedings against the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit (UGPP), Colpensiones, and other entities.
    3. Internal audits regarding labor intermediation.

Diagnostic of corporate models

Due diligence in transformation or corporate integration processes.

Proceedings before administrative entities.

Optimization and Labor Planning

Optimization and labor diagnostics emphasizing in collective labor aspects.

Labor Planning.

Analysis and structure of labor relations.

Conflicts and the Labor Environment.

Competitivity of labor costs and benefits.

Good practices – National and International standards.

Strategic maps, work plans and follow-ups.